How to maintaining your cooling systems

Maintaining your equipment will keep your system in good shape and prevent unwanted problems and unexpected costs. To ensure your system is always in good shape, have it under check before its required season. During the hot season, there is always a high demand for air conditioning contractors, and getting hold of one might be a challenge, so it is advisable to always check your cooling system during spring and heating system during fall. Planning before time will help you enjoy full concentration from contractors.

A thorough maintenance check-up includes:

A proper check of the thermostat settings will help you enjoy a cool environment when you are around, and when you are away, it will help you save energy.
Tightening of all electrical connections and measure the currents and voltage on the motor. This is because loose or faulty connections can be very risky and it reduces the lifespan of its major parts.

Apply lubricants to movable parts. Because lack of lubrication leads to friction in motors, this will increase the amount of electricity consumed.
Always make sure the condensate drain in your central air conditioner, furnace or heat pump is in good shape. A carelessly clogged drain can cause water damage to your home and environment. This is why you should always check your system to ensure it is in safe and proper operation. Also, make sure the starting cycle is functional.

Specifically for the cooling system

Clean the evaporator and condenser air conditioning coils. Because dirty coil affects your system ability to function correctly, it makes your system consume more energy as well as reducing its lifespan.

Check for the level of your central air conditioner refrigerant and adjust it suitably. Excess or reduced refrigerant will reduce its functionality and may lead to the eventual breakdown of the system.

Make sure the blower components are clean and adequately adjusted this help ensure proper system airflow and improves your comfort. Improper airflow can reduce the way your system works for up to 15%

Specifically for the heating system

Check to ensure proper gas connection, gas pressure, heating exchanger and burner combustion. If your gas connection is not operating properly it’s harmful to the health and can lead to fire hazard.

Leaving your burner dirty or having a cracked heat exchanger can lead to improper burner operation. It is dangerous and affects the efficiency of your system.

Simple DIY to apply

Always inspect, clean or change the air filters of your central air conditioner monthly also applicable to your furnace and heat pump. Your contractor can guide you on the steps. A dirty filter will increase your energy cost and cause total damage of your equipment, leading to early breakdown.